Verify Current Voters List of Kerala

Kerala  Legistlative Assembly Election 2011

Verify Current Voters List

The current voters list updated by CEO, Govt.of Kerala is now available for verification. The voters can verify their name and other details
.(This list will be different from the list published for the local body elections.). 

  • Electoral Roll(Voters List) Online
Go to (official website) and click on the Electoral Roll Search link .

For search, the voters need to enter the Electoral Photo Id Card Number or select the District and the LAC (Legislative Assembly Constituency)(Niyojaka Mandalam) along with the details like voter's name, house name and the relative's name(i.e., name of Father/Mother/Husband/Guardian) .
  • Verification Via SMS
S.M.S facility for verification of voters list has been introduced. Voters can verify whether their names figure in the voters list through S.M.S. For this the following message in the format (ELE < Your Voter Identity Card No> ) may be sent to 54242. Your Voter Identity Card Number should be entered exactly as shown in the Voter Identity Card. 

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